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How Much Coffee Is Bad For Your Health?

A large percentage of the population jump starts their day with coffee and caffeine. Champions of coffee point to its many beneficial properties when used in moderation. So how much coffee is too much? The answer is determined in large part by caffeine tolerance. Medical Daily examined this issue more closely.

Coffee is renowned for its ability to make you feel more alert and temporarily boost cognitive performance. It also may benefit brain function, lower your diabetes risk, help fight cancer, ward of heart disease and is rich in antioxidants.

To maximize the benefits of coffee and minimize the drawbacks it is important to adhere to several simple rules. First, avoid adding any adulterants into your coffee. Obviously, any benefits derived from a cup of joe are quickly offset when you add synthetic dairy creamers, artificial sweeteners or sugar. Research also suggests that adding dairy to your coffee may interfere with your body’s absorption of beneficial chlorogenic acids.

I am not making the case for coffee from the perspective of a fan or even as an occasional drinker. I do not enjoy the taste of coffee and have consumed less than five cups in my entire life. There are other energy boosting strategies available for those who have an aversion to coffee or have a low tolerance for caffeine. Ubiquinol, and D-ribose are two beneficial nutrients that support energy synthesis and mitochondrial function.

Most importantly, make sure you are getting sufficient sleep. Rejuvenating sleep is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. Poor or insufficient sleep has been linked to myriad health issues. Successfully addressing any sleep issues is a huge step toward taking control of your health.
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