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Reasons to Take Your Children for a Walk

Epoch Times has a fun list of seven reasons to take your children for a walk — if you don’t already do so, and even if you do, it’s a reassurance that you’re doing it right. From simply getting fresh air to providing an open opportunity for chatting to making the walk a learning experience, to the physical and mental health it provides, walking with your children will help them develop a good lifetime habit.

Even small bursts of exercise such as a short walk around the block as little as three times a week can help fight childhood obesity as well as improve their general state of mind. School children also benefit from improved reading and math test scores when exercise is incorporated into their daily activities, so a walk could help in that, too.

And while you’re outside, think about going barefoot. Unless you live near the beach where barefoot walking is easy, you may want to limit this activity to your own yard, but either way there are many benefits to barefoot walking. For example, going barefoot not only helps children strengthen their feet and lower legs, but also allows them (and you!) to become grounded with the Earth, which has been shown to relieve chronic pain, reduce inflammation and improve sleep.

Additionally, just providing green spaces for your children has been shown to help make your children smarter: During a one-year period, children exposed to significant green spaces had a 5 percent increase in the development of working memory and a 1 percent decrease in inattentiveness.
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