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The Benefits of Napping

Napping in some social circles may be considered a form of laziness, but more and more research is showing that a mid-day nap actually can help restore alertness, as well as improve problem-solving skills for both adults and children, according to Mother Nature Network.

It’s true that excessive daytime napping may interfere with your evening sleep, so getting just the right balance of time for your nap is the key, especially since some research shows we’re actually programmed to nap during the day.

Although some European countries still adhere to the daily siesta and close shop for a couple of hours in the middle of the day, the “ideal” nap time for adults appears to be around 20 minutes (any longer and you’ll enter the deeper stages of sleep and may feel groggy when you wake up) — something that can be accomplished during a lunch hour, if you feel so inclined.

While we’re talking about sleep, another important key to having a wakeful day is to make sure you get healthy sleep at night. Get the temperature right by making sure your bedroom is below 75 F and above 54 F. Avoid watching TV or using your computer an hour or so before bed.

Also make sure you get BRIGHT sun exposure regularly, and then sleep in complete darkness, or as close to it as possible, at night. You may want to cover your digital clock radio to keep out the glow, and cover your windows with drapes or blackout shades, or wear an eye mask.
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