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United States Comes In Last Again On Health

The battle against obesity is not going well. As reported by NBC News, the U.S. population ranks dead last in health. The substantial percentage of the populace that is obese or overweight is largely responsible for this abysmal ranking.

Americans still pay more for medical care than the rest of the western world but with little return on their investment. All too often routine visits to the hospital result in death and disfigurement. Errors by the allopathic medical establishment kill an estimated 250,000 Americans each year and are the third leading cause of death.

The U.S. medical system is clearly an unmitigated failure when it comes to treating chronic illness although it is quite effective at treating acute trauma. This is consistent with the allopathic medical philosophy that treats symptoms and does not address the underlying causes. This blinkered dogma has proven especially ineffective at addressing the obesity epidemic.

It is never too late to take control of your health. Removing all processed foods from your diet and adopting an effective exercise program will go a long way toward addressing weight-related health issues. My nutrition plan contains additional information on how to make a nourishing diet part of your lifestyle.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is an extremely effective and efficient fitness program. For those who start exercising at age 50 and continue for 10 years, the rate of premature death declines dramatically. Four minutes of exercise just a few times a week is all that is needed to engage in a high-intensity interval type training that could significantly improve your health.
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