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Whole Milk Consumption Linked to Leanness in Early Childhood, Canadian Study Finds

New findings published in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggest that children who drank whole milk tended to be leaner than those who drank low fat or skim milk, CBCNews Canada reports.

This is disconcerting, considering that current guidelines from both Health Canada and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend low fat milk for children. Many Americans limit their, and their children’s, consumption of all kinds of fats because they consider no-fat and low-fat foods as being the healthiest choice. Unfortunately, that thinking is exactly opposite from the truth.

The low-fat craze is based on a flawed study from the early ‘50s, which demonized fats in a cherry-picked way that has been the basis for fat and cholesterol recommendations ever since. But finally, real scientists are finding out that this study was just plain wrong. It was so wrong that, contrary to what the ‘50s study said, new research shows that people who eat full-fat dairy may have a lower risk of heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes and obesity than those who eat low-fat dairy.

When referring to healthy fats, it’s not only those in organic, full-fat pastured raw dairy that are beneficial. Your body needs many types of fat to function properly, including omega-3s, which reduce inflammation. Examples of healthy fats to eat are avocados, butter from raw, grass-fed organic milk, organic pastured eggs, coconuts and coconut oil, unheated organic nut oils, grass-fed meats and raw nuts such as almonds, pecans and macademia.
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