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Is Grief a Disease?

In a pointed article questioning the status quo of how we look at and cope with grief, The Atlantic has taken on the topic of “chronic” grief — the kind that you just can’t seem to escape, and for which many people seek help — and talks about the idea of grief being a disease that needs a cure. Grief therapy may help, the magazine concludes.

Grief is an emotion that we all go through at one point or another in our lives. And it’s true, grief can literally break your heart: Losing a significant person in your life raises your risk of having a heart attack the next day by 21 times, and in the following week by six times, new research shows.

If you’re currently grieving or going through any type of emotional stress, it’s important to take steps to support positive mental health, not only for your mind but also for your body. Because stress of all kinds, including grief, can lead to a number of related health conditions, including fatigue, autoimmune disorders, skin problems and more, it’s important to deal with your grieving process.

Along with talk therapy, exercise is very helpful for this aspect. Other common stress reduction tools include prayer, meditation and yoga. Also, remember that both your mind and mood are significantly affected by your diet, so while it alone may not be a miracle cure, it can be extremely difficult to achieve sound mental health without the proper foundation of a sound diet.
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