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Wind-Powered Device Can Produce 11 Gallons Per Day of Clean Drinking Water From the Air

A low-tech, low-cost atmospheric water condenser may be the key to water self-sufficiency around the world, according to Treehugger. The device provides an opportunity for “clean safe water for the millions without a reliable water supply,” the agency reported.

While the article says that developed countries probably don’t need this device, a simple look at the poisoned waters of Flint, Michigan, might say otherwise. The poisoning of this city’s water brought much-needed attention to the insidious and growing toxic water problem in America.

The 1972 Clean Water Act was supposed to ensure clean water for swimming and fishing by 1983, yet our waterways are still in serious jeopardy, if not more so. For example, a large sinkhole caused by the fertilizer industry in Florida now threatens the groundwater and aquifer.

What’s terrifying is that what happened in Flint and Florida are not isolated incidents. Across America, toxic drinking water has become a norm, raising a red flag that you need to take control of your own water right now. You can do this by filtering and purifying your water even if you get it from a public water supply.

One of the best filtration systems I've found so far is the Pure & Clear Whole House Water Filtration System, which uses a three-stage filtration process — a micron sediment pre-filter, a KDF water filter, and a high-grade carbon water filter — to filter out chlorine, DBPs, and other contaminants.
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