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I Got My Gut Sequenced - and Found out I Need to Go to the Dentist

The science of the gut microbiome is huge right now, and researchers are finding that once you know what microbes are growing inside you, it’s entirely possible to address various diseases head-on, sometimes before they occur — and after, even if it’s as simple as finding out you need to go to the dentist, the author of an article in The Sydney Morning Herald found.

Microbiome research is ongoing at a remarkable pace, but it’s already apparent that gut bacteria influence human health and disease in two key ways. An overabundance of certain bacteria has been linked to disease, while other microbes are actively involved in preventing certain diseases.

We also know that foods and chemicals known to produce metabolic dysfunction (such as processed foods, sugar/fructose, and artificial sweeteners) alter the gut microbiome. In particular, high-sugar diets have been found to alter gut bacteria that negatively influence memory and learning.

What’s important is that the more we learn, the more we prove that nourishing your gut bacteria is critical for health and mental well-being. Mounting evidence reveals a large component of this actually revolves around nourishing the health-promoting bacteria in your gut, thereby keeping harmful microbes in check.

To address chronic inflammation and inflammatory diseases, it's important to nourish your gut flora with traditionally fermented foods and raw foods, especially those high in fiber. Probiotics can also be helpful, especially if you take antibiotics (just be sure to take the probiotic a few hours before or after the antibiotic).
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