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Bathtub of Sugary Drinks a Year: Cancer Warning Over Teenage Intake

Calling for a tax on sugary soft drinks, Cancer Research UK says that children age 11 to 18 drink an average 234 cans of soft drinks a year, or the equivalent of a full bathtub, The Guardian reports. The cancer agency believes that even a small tax on these beverages can make a huge impact on the amount children drink.

Anyone who has read my articles for any length of time knows that I strongly advise against drinking soda in any form, sugared or artificially sweetened. Soda is a major culprit driving the obesity trend and associated health problems. Unfortunately, the industry has been very effective in its efforts to deceive you about this fact, even though it is well aware of the connection between soda consumption and obesity and obesity-related diseases.

If you struggle with weight or health issues, try replacing soda and other sweet drinks, including fruit juices, with pure water. If you need some flavor, add a squirt of lime or lemon juice to still or sparkling water. Tea is another option. Just avoid adding sugar, and steer clear of bottled varieties as they're usually chock-full of added sugars.

If you find it difficult to quit, don't be discouraged. Many are actually addicted to soda. To break free, you can address the emotional component of your food cravings using tools such as the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). A version referred to as Turbo Tapping tends to be particularly useful for eliminating soda addiction in a short amount of time.
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