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Can Alzheimer’s Be Prevented? A Family May Hold the Key

Scientists are pinning hopes of finding a way to prevent Alzheimer’s by studying a Colombian family with a genetic mutation causing it, according to CBS News-60 Minutes. The gene, which makes it 100 percent certain that they will get Alzheimer’s, begins in the carriers’ early 40s — much earlier than Alzheimer’s normally presents itself.

The family is now involved in testing a drug they hope will stave off the disease. Meanwhile, there are some things we already know about Alzheimer’s, such as the fact that brain scans and eye tests may also reveal future Alzheimer’s risks. Using PET scans, researchers have detected the accumulation of beta-amyloid plaque — a biomarker of the disease — in the brain associated with Alzheimer's.

We also know that people who are overweight at age 50 are more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease sooner than those who are not; that those with a high BMI are likely to have greater amounts of Alzheimer’s-like amyloid proteins in their brain; and that insulin resistance speeds up the development of these plaques.

Since insulin resistance is also connected with heart disease and diabetes, it stands to reason that while we wait on the research, we can work on our diets to help ourselves stay healthy overall. For example, a diet with very little sugar and grain carbs, along with higher amounts of healthy fats, is KEY for addressing not only Alzheimer's but diabetes and heart disease. All of these conditions are rooted in insulin and leptin resistance, and the dietary answer is identical for all of them.
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