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Time-Saving Hacks That Will Free up Hours in Your Weekly Schedule

While research has found that multi-tasking doesn’t work no matter how much you wish it did (or think it does), there are other ways to free up time for yourself, Business Insider reports. From shortening the number of songs you belt out in the shower, to moving procrastination attractions out of sight, to putting your phone on silent, the minutes you save for yourself add up.

Sixty-five percent of Americans say they are so busy they can’t make time for themselves at least once a day, but with tricks like those and others, you soon can bank enough time to put yourself in your own schedule. Begin by making a priority list that schedules YOU into it. For example:

With just 20 minutes, you can fit in a workout if you use high-intensity interval training (HIIT). For stress-free (and time-saving) shopping, try ordering online with automated at-your-door delivery. Plan meals ahead so you can quickly shop local food coops or farmers markets for the best fresh organic fruits and vegetables.

Set up auto-pay for your bills, and then work on decluttering your mind. A clear mind allows you to focus, be mindful and speed through any given task at hand. Focus on just one task at a time and allow your brain the chance to work through one complex problem at a time.

And then just DISCONNECT from all electronic devices to give your brain time to relax, to soak up your surroundings, and to meditate.
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