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Homeopathic Kids' Products Recalled Due to Belladonna

Homeopathic teething tablets and ear relief liquid are being recalled due to belladonna extract content, which can be dangerous or fatal, CNN Health reports. The products are made by Raritan and sold under various generic names. This follows an earlier recall of a similar product made by Hyland’s. Authorities are concerned that belladonna amounts at certain levels can cause seizures, difficulty breathing and lethargy.

I’ve been warning about teething tablets with pain medications in them for years — in 2011 we talked about the dangers of benzocaine — and I can’t stress enough that, while these products are used by adults and sometimes homeopathic doctors, you need to be extra careful with children.

Fortunately, there are easier, safer methods to help your baby make it through teething time. While I recommend keeping cold packs at home so you have them the moment you need them for yourself (because ice should be applied as soon as possible to reduce swelling and thwart inflammation), you do NOT want your baby to chew on liquid-filled ice packs as they might break.

Instead, lightly dampen a clean wash cloth made of organic materials, then place it into the fridge or freezer. Once cooled, your baby can safely chew on that. For more "bulk," simply tie a knot at the end, or fold it a few times.

Also remember not to give your children acetaminophen, which can easily be overdosed with tragic consequences, or prescription pain medications that you may be taking, which can result in poisoning and even death. Aspirin and oil of wintergreen can also be dangerous.
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