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Major Finding Identifies Nitrogen as Key Driver for Gut Health

Scientists are working feverishly to add clarity and depth to their understanding of gut health. Science Daily reports a recent breakthrough on that front. It turns out that nitrogen may play a crucial role in regulating the gut biome. The impact that the gut has on overall health cannot be underestimated and this is important information.

Research suggests that many people are deficient in healthy gut bacteria. If you are not feeling in optimal shape, physically or psychologically, gut health should be an important consideration. The bacteria in your gut have wide-ranging and cascading health effects. Gut bacteria have been found to influence the processing and utilization of nutrients. They also boost the immune system and may even help protect against food borne disease.

Just as well-known are the dangers of an unbalanced microbiome. Luckily, there are several straightforward methods of reseeding your gut flora. One is to eat fermented foods and vegetables. It is best to obtain nutritional support from whole foods but commercial yogurt does not fit the bill. A prepackaged yogurt might contain a million probiotic cells, but a high-quality probiotic may provide tens of billions.

One of the easiest ways to improve your gut health is by eating nourishing whole foods and traditionally fermented fare. This diet provides plenty of that which you need — prebiotics, probiotics and fiber — and very little of that which you don't: sugar, pesticides and artificial ingredients. The evidence overwhelmingly points to the fact that unless you have a healthy gut, your health will suffer to some degree. For this reason I have created a nutrition plan that provides actionable information that can help you take control of your health.
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