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Stroke Rates Have More Than Doubled for 30- and 40-Somethings

Stroke rates in people over age 55 have declined but, alarmingly, they have more than doubled in those ages 35 to 44, New York Daily News reports. Since a stroke often can be much more debilitating than a heart attack, this is information that needs to be taken to heart, a researcher studying the topic told the News.

While the researcher speculated that diabetes, coupled with failure to take prescribed medications such as blood pressure drugs and statins is what’s causing these stats, the obvious reason so many young people are suffering from what was once an “old people’s” disease is that they are living unhealthy lifestyles.

Yes, the primary driving forces behind the increase in strokes are obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. But the answer is not drugs. The fact is up to 80 percent of strokes are preventable: You can reduce your risk by eating better, exercising, reducing stress and optimizing your vitamin D and K2 levels, which have been shown to lower your risk of both stroke and heart attack.

One of the best ways to begin reducing both stroke and heart disease risk is to get your insulin and leptin signaling corrected by minimizing your carbs with mostly high-fiber vegetables, eating about 1 gram of protein per 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds) of LEAN body mass per day and consuming high-quality fats (no omega-6 oils).

Peak Fitness exercises along with Super Slow strength training, Active Isolated Stretching and core work will also go a long way toward improving your insulin and leptin receptor signaling.
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