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Stephen Hawking: It's Not Rocket Science, We Eat Too Much and Move Too Little

As reported by The Telegraph, imminent physicist Steven Hawking has weighed in on the subject of obesity. His thoughts on the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle are particularly poignant considering his own paralysis and slowly progressing Lou Gehrig’s disease.

The cause and effect of the obesity catastrophe is something we all have witnessed firsthand. It is an epidemic that is robbing American’s of health and longevity. Nearly 1 in 5 deaths in the U.S. are associated with obesity.

Obesity is a cradle to grave problem. Children are being bombarded with clever sloganeering and marketing pitches at every turn. Schools are certainly not safe zones. Rather than nurturing the developing minds of the future their lunches are usually unhealthy processed foods.

Campaigns to remove soda from schools in favor of juice or milk provide little real benefit. Pasteurized milk is a dead white liquid and most fruit juices are just sugar slurries. Sugar and other carbohydrates can disrupt your brain function. Such fare is hardly conducive to learning. Too many school cafeterias succeed at meeting all the requirements of the repulsive “institutional food” trope but fail to provide adequate sustenance.

Keep in mind that any system in which pizza and French fries qualify as “vegetables” is unlikely to offer much nutrition. Packing a lunch may be your best option. A poor diet makes kids less academically competitive. In one study, fifth-graders who ate fast food four or more times a week showed 20 percent lower test score gains by the eighth grade. I recommend checking out my nutrition plan for additional dietary insights and ideas on how to take control of your health.
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