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Study Confirms That Mercury Is Linked to Autism

A new study reported by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in EcoWatch confirms that mercury is linked to autism. International teams from multiple universities and medical schools worked together to show the causal link.

Autism is skyrocketing across the country and around the world, yet health officials continue to deny this link. Even with six other studies in addition to this one showing a link, and even in the face of payouts through the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) that basically admit a link, the CDC and FDA continue to deny that mercury — thimerosal — in vaccines is harmful.

They also continue to claim that children’s vaccines are now mercury-free, even though some have “traces” of it, still. (And if you’re a pregnant mom forced into a thimerosal-laden flu vaccine, your baby has gotten a hefty dose anyway.)

Unfortunately, as health officials continue to deny responsibility, people are being strong-armed by state governments and doctors to vaccinate themselves and their children. For example, unless you can find a medical doctor to write your child a medical exemption, your child cannot go to day care or attend public or private schools in California without getting multiple doses of mandated vaccines.

It’s time to stand up and demand your right as a parent and individual to make your own health care choices. Speak up against one-size-fits-all vaccination policies that can, and do, harm, and demand safety and effectiveness reviews of the current vaccination program, with methodologically sound investigative studies that are not compromised by conflicts of interest within industry and government.
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