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Platypus Venom Paves Way to Possible Diabetes Treatment

We live in a world awash in obesity promoting processed foods. Diabetes is the inevitable result of the junk food deluge. The solutions that have been proposed for this modern health catastrophe range from common sense eating habits to intrusive pharmacological interventions.

The BBC reported that there is a new and extremely unlikely target of diabetes research: the platypus. It may be too early to know if platypus-inspired medications will be a dead-end but there are at least six unique physical attributes that guarantee this mammal will be a continued source of fascination and study.

First off, it lays eggs. Then consider the fact that the males are venomous. More remarkable still is their duck bill which is sensory equipped for hunting. The versatile platypus has webbed feet like a duck. Unbelievably, this webbing actually retracts for digging as well. Finally, its beaver-like tail can be used like a rudder but also stores fat for times of scarcity.

While waiting for the development of platypus-inspired miracle drugs, you may want to consider more actionable alternatives. One of the first steps to taking control of your health is to embrace healthy eating habits and avoid all processed foods. Instead consume exclusively whole and unadulterated foods.

In the battle against diabetes and obesity, exercise is an important arrow in your quiver. I have created a comprehensive fitness plan that benefits beginners and veterans alike. Make sure you are getting enough rejuvenating sleep as well. A lack of sleep can cause lead to myriad health challenges. To battle stress I recommend the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). Take the time to utilize this empowering tool and optimize your emotional health.
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