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Colorectal Cancers on the Rise in Younger Adults

WebMD investigated a troubling trend. Colorectal cancers are on the rise in young adults. This is yet another example of diseases that were once associated with aging appearing in ever younger age cohorts. The combination of sedentary lifestyle and processed foods is largely responsible for this health calamity.

We are bombarded almost daily with grim health news but this is no reason to be fatalistic. It is never too late to take control of your health. Up to 50 percent of colorectal cancer cases are preventable through a healthy diet, being physically active and maintaining a healthy weight. Today can be the day you start making healthy changes to lower your risk of this potentially deadly disease.

One tip is to eat more vegetables and some fruits. Vegetables are one of the best forms of dietary fiber. Dietary fiber has been associated with reduced risk of colorectal cancer. Studies have repeatedly shown that people with higher vegetable intake have lower rates of cancer. Consider consuming more raw garlic as well. Some studies have shown that it may help fight colorectal cancer.

I also recommend optimizing your vitamin D levels. Vitamin D deficiency is a risk factor for colorectal cancer and a number of other serious health conditions. Regular sun exposure or, if you live in a cold climate, a vitamin D3 supplement, are ways to optimize your vitamin D levels in the 40-60 ng/ml range.

Avoiding processed meats and too much red meat are two additional dietary guidelines. Obviously, limiting your alcohol consumption and quitting smoking can reap enormous health benefits as well.

Embracing an active lifestyle is crucial. My fitness plan contains additional information on how to incorporate a cutting edge exercise regimen into your busy schedule.
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