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Just 1 Cigarette a Day Can Be Deadly: Study

A new study from the Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics at the U.S. National Cancer Institute confirms that smoking is deadly — even if it’s just cigarette a day, according to The study purposely looked at a cohort of “light” smokers who smoked 10 or less cigarettes a day, finding that those in that category were six times more likely to die of respiratory diseases, and one-and-a-half times more likely to die of heart disease.

While I question whether 10 cigarettes a day is truly “light” smoking, I do agree that it’s a habit that needs addressing, especially since recent research shows that smoking causes damage to your DNA that may last 30 years and trigger cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Nearly 40 million adults in the U.S. still smoke cigarettes and, yes, it’s an addiction that’s so hard to quit that many are turning to electronic cigarettes — a decision that comes with its own set of health dangers. For one, diacetyl, a flavoring chemical linked to respiratory damage, including inflammation and permanent scarring of the airways, was detected in 39 of 51 e-cigarette flavors tested. Other chemicals are in e-cigs, too, so the best thing to do is simply quit.

I know “simply quitting” isn’t easy, so if you want to quit, the first thing to do is get healthy first. My free, comprehensive nutrition plan can help with this. And then start exercising. It may sound strange, but there’s science behind this: Research shows people who engage in regular strength training double their success rate at quitting smoking compared to those who don't exercise.