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CDC Losing 3 "Winnable" Health Battles

In a rare show of contrition, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) conceded they have failed to complete several of the most basic tasks in their charge. As reported by CBS News, the CDC openly acknowledged that they have been unable to protect the food supply from contamination, reduce obesity or stop the rampant spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Surprisingly, the abject incompetence of the CDC is not widely understood by the average American. In 2013, a Gallup poll on public perceptions of U.S. agencies found Americans are most positive toward the CDC. Sixty percent of those polled believed the CDC was doing an excellent or good job while only 8 percent rated them poorly.

This favorable view flies in the face of reality. The CDC should be cracking down on corporations promoting products linked to poor health and disease. For example, the CDC has taken Coca-Cola under their protective wing. This is just one of many blatant conflicts of interest, and it is obvious why their fight against obesity has been a complete debacle.

It's clear we're in dire need for truly independent oversight of the CDC and other federal agencies but, until that happens, you’re on your own to discern which health decisions make the most sense for you and your family. There are free tools available on the internet that can help you navigate the internet’s maze of confusing and contradictory health information. My nutrition plan is a great place to start. It is full of actionable and easily implemented pointers for beginners as well as cutting edge dietary information for experts.
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