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Smoking During Pregnancy May Lead to Later Substance Abuse In The Child

Pregnant women who smoke greatly increase the odds that their child will suffer from substance abuse issues. This was the finding of a Translational Psychiatry study reported by That the calamitous impact of smoking can be passed from mother to child was already well established, but this news shows that the damage inflicted is even more pervasive than originally thought.

The damage smoking inflicts on your DNA recently made headlines. As our knowledge of epigenetics increases, expect more grim revelations about the long-effects of poor health decisions. It is impossible to overemphasize the importance of making healthy choices, and it is never too late to take control of your health.

Now consider the fact that two-thirds of all deaths fall into just five categories: heart disease, cancer, lung disease, stroke and unintentional injuries. This last category is a catch-all that includes car accidents and medical overdoses. What all of these categories have in common is that they can be positively influenced by sound health decisions.

The odds of suffering from heart disease, cancer, lung disease and strokes can be reduced by incorporating a fitness plan such as high intensity interval training (HIIT) and following a healthful nutrition plan.

Unintentional injuries are sometimes unavoidable, but you can mitigate the risk. The best way to avoid medical errors is to stay healthy and avoid the allopathic medical industry. Lack of sleep can greatly impair driving. Drowsy driving is comparable to drunk driving, but this danger can be greatly reduced with rejuvenating sleep. Lack of sleep has many serious health ramifications, and when driving is involved you are also placing others at risk.