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Congress Used Dying Kids and Slick PR to Sell America a Handout to Big Pharma

If you’ve listened to the news at all, you know Congress just passed the “21st Century Cures Act” with flying colors. Billed as “the most important health care law to pass since the Affordable Care Act.” But, for all its pomp and tomfoolery, it’s nothing more than a handout to the pharmaceutical industry, Motherboard reports.

Touting “cures” for diseases killing dying children — cures that are far in the future, if they happen at all — this law removes consumer protections that make sure a drug is safe before it hits the market. Surely, this law, which will enable drug companies to go far beyond FDA’s record 45 new drug approvals in 2015, must have Big Pharma dancing in glee.

Pharma’s influence on politicians, health care policy makers and even your own doctor has now scored the coup of the century. The fact is, be it payment for a lecture or a free meal, Pharma is there to sway decision-makers every step of the way, just as it was as this law passed.

This is a topic we rant about often, but in this era of bias and conflicts of interest, there’s only one thing left to do, and that’s to take control of your own health, right now. Don’t rely on the medical industry’s false promises. Start — or stay — on the road to good health with my healthy nutrition plan and implement an exercise program that fits your needs. This will go a long way toward staying out of a doctor’s office.
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