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UK Bans Junk Food Ads Targeting Children

The obesity epidemic is not limited to the United States. It is the scourge of the developed world and sweeping across the face of the globe. The world’s population is becoming sicker, fatter and weaker. Efforts are being made to limit the tremendous damage and reverse the trend. One positive step toward this end was taken in Britain. As reported by Medical Xpress, the U.K. is banning print and social media junk food ads that target children next year.

Processed foods play a huge role in the widening obesity plague. The manufacturers of these products target children remorselessly and use sophisticated techniques to manipulate these potential customers for life. The lifespan and health of their valued customers is apparently not a major consideration. In the U.S., the voluntary self-regulation of junk food clearly doesn’t go far enough to protect children. Nearly 40 percent of children's diets come from added sugars and unhealthy fats.

The fallout from the predatory marketing of junk food is staggering. One study from British researchers revealed that kids who ate a predominantly processed food diet at age 3 had lower IQ scores. Along with the potential for lowered IQ, a junk-food diet can also set the stage for asthma, eczema and a variety of allergies, inflammatory conditions and autoimmune diseases. In fact, most of the leading diseases plaguing the U.S. are diet-related, including heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and cancer.

The best recourse is a healthy diet. The first step is to consume no processed foods. The convenience and perceived value processed food is entirely illusory. This unhealthy fare can be replaced with nourishing whole foods that may end up costing less than you anticipated.
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