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Fermented-food Lovers Seek Flavor and Health

According to USA Today, Americans palates are growing increasingly sophisticated and this is helping the sales of healthful food. This trend has boosted the popularity of fermented foods, and this is great news. A crucial component of ancestral diets, fermented foods like sauerkraut and yogurt provide myriad health benefits.

Fermented foods can “heal and seal” your gut. An estimated 80 percent of your immune system is located in your gut. Probiotics play a crucial role in the development and operation of the mucosal immune system in your digestive tract, and aid in the production of antibodies to pathogens. This makes a healthy gut a major factor in maintaining optimal health, as a robust immune system is your top defense system against all disease.

Mounting evidence reveals there's more to nutrition than previously thought — a large component of it actually revolves around nourishing the health-promoting bacteria in your body, thereby keeping harmful microbes in check. One of the reasons a healthy diet is able to influence your health is by the fact that it helps create an optimal environment for beneficial bacteria in your gut, while decreasing pathogenic or disease-causing bacteria, fungi and yeast.

Just one-quarter to one-half cup of fermented vegetables, eaten with one to three meals per day, can have a dramatically beneficial impact on your gut health. Culturing your own vegetables is not difficult but, as with anything, having the right tools makes the job much easier and more fun. Here is a guide to help you easily and inexpensively make your own delicious fermented veggies.
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