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Pepsi Says Consumers Are Keeping Them From Offering More Healthy Products

PepsiCo’s chief executive recently complained that if not for consumer demand they would offer healthier products. As reported by, the junk food giant says it would prefer to offer “healthful” fare but customer preference makes such a strategy impossible.

What PepsiCo failed to mention was the role they played in generating an insatiable demand for unhealthy processed snacks and heavily sweetened drinks. They have invested vast sums of money to convince children to consume their toxic wares and now unrepentantly claim that this demand is why they cannot produce socially responsible products. The damage they have inflicted on the collective health of the planet is nearly incalculable.

The global obesity epidemic has grown too large to ignore but slumping sales are proof that customers are wising up. Consumers empowered with health knowledge are not as easily manipulated by the slick marketing pitches of the junk food giants. It is no surprise that soda consumption is in a death spiral as customers turn up their noses at aspartame and sugar-laden slurries.

If you have recently cut back on or eliminated soda from your diet entirely, congratulations! You deserve to be proud. Sales of carbonated soft drinks have dropped for the 11th consecutive year in the U.S. The message is spreading that soda is a health disaster.

We're winning the war against the junk food and beverage industries. Check out my nutrition plan for additional information on how to remove all processed foods from your diet. Eating exclusively nourishing and whole foods is one the biggest steps you can take toward taking control of your health.
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