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Pets Help People Manage Serious Mental Illness

The use of antidepressants and powerful psychiatric drugs is a controversial subject, and mental health interventions that do not rely on pharmaceuticals are frequently overlooked. NPR reported that pets are an option that does not require a lifetime of pills. The companionship provided by pets can strengthen and support those who suffer from serious mental illness.

There has been significant backlash against the allopathic practice of treating the symptoms and not the cause. Unfortunately, this has not succeeded in mitigating the danger. Fatal anxiety drug overdoses have skyrocketed and increased risks of suicidality have come to light.

A whole new generation is being introduced to dangerous anti-depressant drugs through the practice of reckless over prescription. In any given year 20 percent of children will be diagnosed with mental illness. Ironically, many of these behaviors are a result of forcing children into unhealthy patterns like sitting in a chair at a school desk for six to eight hours a day.

If you or your child is diagnosed with depression, be aware that there are many treatment options available, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). In a systematic review of 11 studies, no statistically significant difference in effectiveness was found between second-generation antidepressants and CBT.

There are other options available as well. The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a form of psychological acupressure, based on the same energy meridians used in traditional acupuncture to treat physical and emotional ailments for over 5,000 years, but without the invasiveness of needles. EFT is an empowering multipurpose tool that can help cope with stress and positively impact your health.
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