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Three in Four Workers Say They Still Go to Work When They're Sick

It’s a terrible thing to do, to go to work coughing and sick, but unfortunately millions of workers do it every day, primarily because they don’t get sick days — but sometimes even when they do. The problem of workers working sick is compounded in winter, and a report by showed that 55 percent of workers said they’d only take a sick day if their symptoms are severe.

As a “fix,” instead of implementing company rules and benefits that discourage working while sick, many businesses instead either offer or mandate “free” flu shots as their solution to the problem. The thing is flu shots not only have an abysmal effectiveness (if any), but they also fail to address other respiratory problems many people experience in winter.

Not only that, an analysis of influenza vaccine effectiveness reveals that, between 2005 and 2015, this shot was less than 50 percent effective more than half the time, and as little as 10 to 18 percent in some years. So, ratcheting up a flu shot program isn’t the answer. What you can do to keep from getting sick at work, or being the one sick at work, is to take care of your immune system, beginning with optimizing your vitamin D levels to a therapeutic level of 40 to 60 (ng/ml).

Next (and always) avoid sugar and processed foods. Get plenty of rest. Address your stress. Exercise. Take an animal-based omega-3 supplement such as krill oil. And wash your hands, often, especially if you touch “community” surfaces at work, such as doorknobs and coffee pot handles.
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