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Health Department: Mumps Outbreak Impacts Vaccinated Patients

A mumps outbreak in the central U.S. has hardly cracked the headlines but it may serve as an important cautionary tale. As reported by Fox News, the Oklahoma State Health Department warned residents that their vaccination would not necessarily provide any protection against mumps.

This recent health scare reopens a vaccine debate that Big Pharma would like closed. In California, Disney measles “manufactroversy” provided California public health officials with an opening to quash all concerns over vaccine safety. Seizing this advantage, they managed to eliminate the personal belief exemption to vaccination for school entry with frightening alacrity. This included religious and conscientious beliefs, effectively forcing a 99.99 percent compliance with the federally recommended vaccine schedule among children.

We can hope that this breaking news on the ineffectual MMR vaccine can reverse the momentum. The nuanced perspective provided by vaccine safety advocates has been drowned out with calumny, insult and hackneyed dogma of Big Pharma’s well-oiled propaganda machine. The specter of mandatory vaccinations for adults no longer seems as far-fetched as it once did. The outbreak of mumps in Oklahoma is a reminder that vaccine safety concerns are valid and have yet to be fully addressed.

What is to be done? It is not enough to wait for the pendulum to swing back in favor of health liberty and informed consent. We must fight for the fundamental right to make our own vaccine choices. It is imperative that we defeat those who work tirelessly to destroy the last vestiges of our vaccine exemption safeguards.
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