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Study Shows That Negative Signals Expressed by Adults Could Have Great Impact on Children

Negative signals expressed by adults have more impact on children who pick up on them than previously thought, according to a study on how children learn bias, Newserz reports. And, the messages can be assimilated even if they are more nuanced than spoken, researchers found.

These findings are not surprising, as children are inherently smart. They pick up on all kinds of things and absorb both actions and spoken words as truths without your knowing it, from how they think about the world to how they handle stress to lifestyle and diet choices. What’s even more amazing is that once they’ve learned these habits, it can have a permanent impact on future generations.

For example, another study shows that children and grandchildren of obese fathers can inherit obesity and metabolic problems, even when they eat healthfully — and that was surprising even to me. The epigentic science behind this is ever-growing, but if you’re looking for ways to raise a happier, healthier child, begin with a nutritious food plan that eliminates sugars and junk foods, and focus on feeding your children whole, organic, fresh fruits and vegetables and limited meats.

Also important is regular exercise — in the form of lots of unstructured play time that doesn’t involve electronics or other sit-still activities. Get them outside and encourage children to explore the world on their feet.

Kids also need to learn to express their emotions and to make good choices, as well as to know they’re being heard. Allow them to yell, cry, stomp their feet and run around with excitement, and then show them that above all else, they are loved unconditionally.