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The Opioid Epidemic Is a Symptom of Toxic Greed

With epidemic numbers of people dying from opioid overdoses, New York Magazine is taking on Big Pharma in a big way — by pointing the blame at corporate greed that gives drug companies too many incentives to hide the hazards of their products.

It’s no secret that it takes deaths in the thousands for either drug companies or federal regulators to step to the plate and admit their wrongdoings. The Vioxx scandal is the tale of another pain pill that killed more than 60,000 people before anyone did anything about it. The deaths are tragedies, but even more tragic is that, as one drug falls by the wayside, another simply replaces it.

While prescription drugs have a place for addressing acute (short-term) immediate needs, if you’ve suffered pain for a long time, it’s vital to find out why you’re in pain, and address the cause, rather than treating the symptoms.

Oftentimes, the root causes of pain are overlooked, such as emotional trauma, poor sleep, leaky gut, magnesium deficiency and Lyme disease. Sadly, most physicians are ill-equipped to deal with pain relief in any other way than handing you a prescription. That means you need to take control of your pain, yourself. From chiropractic adjustments to acupuncture to massages to physical therapy and even relearning proper posture, there are ways you can do this.

I found that effective stretches and exercises can provide huge, drug-free benefits. You won't need to dedicate hours each day to improve your back pain. But, it is important that you are consistent, even after you experience relief from the pain and discomfort.
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