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Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Back Pain Dominate Us Health Care Spending

Just 20 problems account for half of all spending on health care issues in the U.S., as reported by Science Daily. The most expensive condition is diabetes, with a whopping $101 billion cost.

This is not surprising. In truth, if you add up all the related costs of diabetes, it tops a mind-boggling $1.4 trillion! And one of the chief cause of all this is the ready access to, and consumption of, junk foods. The issue is so serious worldwide that the United Nations is calling the availability and marketing of cheap, nutrient-poor junk food a human rights issue that needs addressing immediately.

Children, especially, need help as their diabetes rates are soaring. Childhood obesity leads to insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes more quickly than in adults, and is associated with both metabolic and cardiovascular complications in children and adolescents.

For that reason, a panel of experts convened by the Healthy Eating Research program is calling for increased protection for children from predatory junk food marketing. Parents are also deceived by the food industry’s PR machine. Junk food ads cleverly manipulate parents into making unhealthy choices for their kids while believing they’re doing the right thing.

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to avoid falling into this trap is to realize that if there’s a commercial for it, you and your kids probably shouldn’t be eating it! You can help your children by not succumbing to advertising lures, discouraging excessive sitting, getting your kids moving and teaching children about the value of fresh, whole unprocessed foods early on.
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