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Cannabis Ingredient to Be Classed as Medicine in UK

One of the key ingredients of cannabis (aka marijuana) is cannabidiol (CBD), a compound that when used alone can have remarkable healing abilities. Unfortunately, some CBD suppliers not only have made unscrupulous claims that health authorities question, but potentially could be unsafe. For that reason the United Kingdom plans to classify CBD as a medicine soon, leaving it open for manufacturing regulation and review — and for sale as a medicine.

This news has some concerned that listing it as a medicine might send the wrong message by “legitimizing” marijuana, Sky News reports. In my opinion, though, the only thing that’s confusing is that health authorities aren’t making better efforts to publicize the difference between THC — the ingredient in marijuana that makes you “stoned” — and the healing properties of CBD.

That marijuana may be useful for certain medical conditions is a fact that even U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy acknowledged in an interview with CBS news. His statement echoes a growing sentiment in the medical and scientific communities that the health benefits of marijuana in the form of CBD should no longer be ignored.

And indeed, it’s time for U.S. regulators to join the ranks of the U.K. and admit this, and open this healing door to countless suffering people in America. However, on a federal level in the U.S., marijuana is still considered a dangerous Schedule 1 controlled substance with “no accepted medical use.”

The sad fact is that U.S. drug companies are fighting to shut down the legalization of marijuana in order to maintain their drug monopoly. For starters, the opioid painkiller market would be severely threatened by marijuana legalization.
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