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Raw Milk Outbreak Expands

Do not be surprised if raw milk is vilified in the coming year. According to Food Safety News, there has been an outbreak of Campylobacter in the U.K., and it allegedly has been traced to raw milk vending machines. Authorities are eager to use this opportunity to vilify a nourishing staple and further encumber this burgeoning industry with punitive regulations.

When considering the heated rhetoric against raw milk, keep in mind that this unfortunate outbreak involves 56 confirmed cases of Campylobacter. Overall, 280,000 cases of this food borne pathogen are reported annually in the U.K. This trend also holds true in the U.S., where raw milk is responsible for only a very small percentage of reported food poisoning incidents.

Food poisoning from raw organic milk is so rare because it actually has its own built-in “immune system.” The elevated white blood cell count in raw milk helps reduce your risk of contracting food poisoning. Pasteurized milk does not have this protective quality. Raw milk also contains large quantities of beneficial bacteria, which help “crowd out” pathogens. The only way a pathogen can get a foothold is if there aren’t enough beneficial bacteria.

So is it safe to drink raw milk? The short answer is a resounding yes — provided it comes from healthy, organically raised, grass-fed, or pastured cows. is an excellent source of information on raw milk. On a positive note, a majority of states have loosened the regulatory shackles on raw milk in recent years. This may pose a threat to CAFOs that peddle the dead white liquid of pasteurized milk but will help us take control of our own health.
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