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Want to Raise Successful Boys? Science Says Do This (But Their Schools Probably Won't)

Parents across America have been complaining for years about lack of recess in elementary schools, while schools steadfastly claim there’s no time in a school day for anything but brain activity. And that is just plain wrong, not to mention counterintuitive, if you want to raise successful boys, according to Inc. The truth is boys need physical activity to get their brains ready to pay attention when the time comes.

While the study cited says girls aren’t as negatively affected as boys, the basic premise of the need for regular physical activity throughout the day holds true for everyone, including girls as well as adults of both sexes. Even small bursts of exercise can make you and your children healthier. In fact, studies have shown that school children benefit from improved reading and math test scores when exercise is incorporated into their daily activities, so it would behoove schools to provide activity time rather than deny it.

Getting kids to exercise has become difficult over the past 20 years. However, a recent study shows that children may benefit from very short periods of high intensity physical exercise called high-intensity interval training (HIIT) — a program that’s just as great for adults.

Another way to get moving is to invest in standing desks, which allow you to do your “brain” work without sitting on your tush. Some schools are even switching to standing desks, as research shows that children and college students benefit from using these desks to increase movement, improve education, reduce behavior problems and improve test scores.
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