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Cavities Are Contagious: Kissing and Other Ways Harmful Bacteria Spreads and Causes Tooth Decay

We all know the role sugar plays in dental caries, and that brushing, flossing and regular dental checkups will help prevent dental caries. But who knew that the cavities in your mouth could be contagious? According to a study reported by Medical Daily, the cavity-causing bacteria in our mouths can be spread through kissing or sharing things you put in your mouth.

For example, the contamination can happen when mothers share the same eating utensils as their babies. This adds to information supporting good oral hygiene for the prevention of both cavities and other diseases, such as cancer. In earlier research, two independent studies found a causal link between a common oral bacterium (F. nucleatum) and colorectal cancer; pathogens in your mouth can enter your bloodstream to colonize other parts of your body.

Since heart disease has also been linked to bacteria in your mouth, the bottom line is that oral hygiene is even MORE important than previously thought. However, the way to proper oral health is NOT fluoride or fluoridated water.

Instead, ditch the fluoride in any form and switch to oil pulling with coconut oil for fighting cavity formation. Oil pulling is an effective mechanical method of cleansing your teeth and the smallest crevices along your molars that the bristles of your brush cannot reach. Oil pulling is safe and easy to do, and it reduces bacterial growth in your mouth, strengthens your teeth and reduces inflammation in your gums — all things that will help prevent dental caries.
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