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Weekend Exercise Alone 'Has Significant Health Benefits'

The BBC reports that exercising on weekends alone can provide significant health benefits. This is further evidence of the benefits of exercise and the damage wrought by increasingly sedentary lifestyles.

Weekend exercise is a great starting point and the goal should be to make it a lifelong practice. Consistent exercisers have made exercise a habit triggered by a cue, such as hearing the morning alarm and heading for the gym first thing in the morning. This kind of habit is referred to as “an instigation habit,” and it’s the only factor able to predict a person’s ability to maintain an exercise regimen over the long-term.

Reframing your thoughts about the rewards of exercise, focusing on the immediate — how you feel right after exercising — rather than long-term rewards, can also make your exercise habit stick. There are plenty of reasons to aspire to this level of conditioning. Those who succeed at maintaining good health into old age typically have one thing in common: a healthy diet and regular exercise as part of their day-to-day lifestyle.

For optimal health and fitness, strive for a varied and well-rounded program that incorporates a wide variety of exercises to avoid hitting a plateau. I recommend high-intensity interval training (HIIT). HIIT involves alternating short bursts of high-intensity exercise with gentle recovery periods, and is central to my Peak Fitness routine.

A final piece of advice is to sit as little as possible
. The research is quite clear on this point: The more you sit, the greater the risks to your health. This applies even if you exercise regularly and are very fit. The key is to keep moving all day long.
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