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Donald Trump Chooses Robert Kennedy as Vaccine Chair

The incoming Trump administration has provided a ray of hope to vaccine safety advocates. The New York Times reports that President-elect Donald Trump has met with the prominent vaccine safety advocate Robert Kennedy. The topic of their discussion was a “commission on vaccine safety and scientific integrity” that Mr. Kennedy was asked to chair.

Vaccine safety is a truly bipartisan issue. That the incoming Republican president has already met with the scion of a Democratic dynasty in order to sort out the vaccine debacle is great news. Ideology should not play a role in science and this is a step in the right direction.

The pendulum has swung too far away from informed consent, and the safety of our children is being jeopardized by an arbitrary vaccination schedule. Law makers in California engaged in massive legislative overreach following the Disney measles “manufactroversy.” The abomination they passed, California bill SB277, eliminated the personal belief and religious exemptions to vaccination for school entry.

With a stroke of a pen, California effectively forced 99.99 percent compliance with the federally recommended vaccine schedule among children. The minatory specter of mandatory vaccinations for adults is not so far-fetched when lobbyists are using bunk science as a cudgel.

What is to be done? It is not enough to wait for the pendulum to swing back in favor of vaccine safety and informed consent. We must fight for the fundamental right to make our own vaccine choices. It is imperative that we defeat those who work tirelessly to destroy the last vestiges of our vaccine exemption safeguards.

President-elect Trump may be a polarizing figure, but vaccine safety is an issue that does not break down party lines. If he can work toward the greater good on this issue, Democrats and Republicans alike can share in this victory for health liberty.