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Kids Are Eating Nearly 200% More Fake Sugar

CNN has reported a troubling health trend. The use of artificial sweeteners is surging. Adults are consuming 54 percent more of these cloying chemicals and children have increased their intake a resounding 200 percent.

Toxic sweeteners are extremely damaging to your health. They are not a safe and low calorie alternative to sugar. In fact, they have a host of dangerous side effects and are a lab-crafted abomination. There is no reason to ever consume any dangerous artificial sweetener.

The siren song of sweeteners — zero calories and a sweet taste — has lured millions onto the shoals of illness. Taken at face value, the appeal of sweeteners is a strong one. This explains why up to 180 million Americans use them routinely, despite their documented risks. Their popularity becomes even more inexplicable when you consider that they actually promote weight gain and not weight loss.

Despite evidence to the contrary, Americans are in fact growing increasingly wary of artificial sweeteners. For example, the soda industry is in increasingly desperate straits and desperate to hold on to its once-loyal customers. One of their ongoing strategies to appear like they care about your health is to promote their diet beverages as a healthy alternative.

The best way to battle the artificial sweetener scourge is to educate others about their risks and provide healthful alternatives. The best alternative to a toxic aspartame slurry is pure water that has been energized. It can recharge your mitochondria, and deep springs are one excellent source. You can also promote structured water through vortexing or cooling it to 39 degrees Fahrenheit.
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