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Everyone in Their 20s Should Start Doing This for Their Health

We keep hearing it, but really it can’t be said enough: The way you treat your body when are younger gives you untold rewards — or agonies — when you’re older. The difference, of course, is what that treatment is, and Insider has some ideas for those in their 20s who want to assure themselves of better health later.

These lifestyle changes can reduce your risk of chronic disease by as much as 70 to 80 percent, and include the obvious: moderate alcohol consumption; avoiding opioids and tobacco; taking your mental health seriously; limiting your screen time; eating right for your health; exercising and taking responsibility for your own health. The most important advice is taking control of your own health, as everything else will fall into place when you do that.

My updated nutrition plan is almost the inverse of the original USDA food pyramid, featuring healthful fats and vegetables on the bottom, followed by high-quality proteins, fruits, and lastly, grains. My advanced nutrition plan will teach you how to master food cravings and the emotions that cause cravings.

Combined with the other pillars of health — proper nutrition, sufficient high-quality sleep, stress management and holistic living — my fitness and exercise plan will help you find an optimal exercise program that implements the fundamental elements of a comprehensive workout, no matter what level you’re starting at.

Working on improving your emotional health can also help address emotional addictions to alcohol, opioids and even excessive screen time. The Emotional Freedom Technique is a psychological acupressure technique I routinely use and most highly recommend to optimize your emotional health.
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