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A Third of Asthma Patients May Not Even Have Asthma

A new study reported on by PBS News Hour shows that up to a third of asthma patients may not actually have the disease. Once researchers looked at patient records, they found that up to half of the asthma diagnoses had also been made without proper testing — with the common asthma treatment, an inhaler, ultimately being prescribed.

The study also highlights the epidemic of overdiagnosis that is occurring in many diseases. True asthma is a serious condition and needs appropriate treatment, but totally inappropriate to treat anything that doesn’t need treating. That said, it’s important during your medical workup to search for triggers that can cause asthma symptoms, such as the pain reliever acetaminophen which, when used during pregnancy, may be associated with an increased risk of asthma in children.

On the flip side, research shows that breastfeeding protects infants from respiratory problems. Another protection is raw milk, which research showed that children who drank raw milk had a 30 percent lower risk of respiratory infections and fever, as well as a 41 percent less likelihood of developing asthma, and a 50 percent less likelihood of developing hay fever.

One raw milk study noted that the protective effect of raw milk consumption on asthma might be associated with the whey protein fraction of milk, which is alive with beneficial bacteria that your body recognizes, and integrates into your immune system. While Congress has never outright banned raw milk, it's the only food banned from interstate commerce. You can locate a raw milk source near you at or
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