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New Study Connects Low Vitamin D Levels and Alzheimer’s Disease

A new study in the journal Neurology shows that lower vitamin D levels increased the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease by 25 percent, according to the Canada-based Vitamin D Society. This adds to other evidence showing the role vitamin D plays in Alzheimer’s risks.

It’s no secret that vitamin D deficiency has become a major public health risk. Researchers estimate 85 percent of children in industrial cities and well over half of adults and elderly suffer from vitamin D deficiency. This is very concerning, considering that a 2010 cost benefit analysis of the necessity for vitamin D optimization, researchers found a link between vitamin D deficiency and 19 of the 30 leading causes of death.

From neurological diseases including MS, dementia and Alzheimer’s, to 16 different types of cancers to heart function and more, vitamin D has been found to be a key to unlocking the door to good health. Scientists also estimated a 16 percent reduction in deaths from those diseases with an increase of vitamin D to 40 nanograms per milliliter (ng/mL) and a direct health cost reduction estimated at $130 billion per year.

Sun exposure is the best way to optimize your vitamin D levels. However, chances are you're simply not getting enough sun exposure to raise your vitamin D level. Your lifestyle, location, age, ethnicity, time of year, weather conditions and a number of other factors influence how much vitamin D your skin will make in response to sun exposure. If you do choose to supplement, be sure to take vitamin K2, MK-7 along with your D3 to help move calcium into the proper areas in your body.
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