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More Vaccines Fast Tracked

In a rush to solve the world’s health problems with more and more vaccines, a coalition of governments and charities have committed nearly a half-billion dollars to develop and fast-track to market vaccines for Mers, Lassa fever and Nipah virus, according to

If you’ve never heard of these diseases, don’t feel alone. But their rarity doesn’t mean you won’t be hearing about other fast-tracked vaccines in the near future, as vaccine makers have literally hundreds of new vaccines in the pipeline — and guaranteed, many of them will be pushed on you.

This is because people have been scared into believing vaccines are the answer to prevent disease. But when you look at the historical evidence behind them, the arguments simply fall apart. For example, recent research showed that the seasonal flu vaccine may weaken children’s immune systems and potentially increase their chances of catching other influenza viruses — the exact opposite of what the flu vaccine is supposed to do.

Rather than trying to vaccinate your way to health, there's no question that improving your innate immune system — through reducing sugar and processed foods in your diet, improving your gut flora, leading a healthy lifestyle and having adequate vitamin D levels, ideally through sensible sun exposure — will provide a far more effective immune response and lessened risk of developing a life-threatening infection.

Your best defense against any disease is a robust immune system, which vaccines can compromise; supporting your immune system should always be at the top of your list, and optimizing your vitamin D levels is one crucial component of this.
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