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Want to Improve Your Memory? Go to the Gym

New research confirms that just 30 minutes of moderate intensity cycling can improve your short-term memory, Science Daily reports. The research supports continuing evidence that exercise in general can improve brain health.

If you've been reading my site for some time now, you probably know how much I value having a comprehensive and regular exercise routine. Exercise is one of the major factors that will help you become optimally healthy and will give you profound benefits as you age. Besides helping with memory, there’s compelling evidence showing that exercise produces other cognitive gains and helps fight dementia.

If you’re looking for a great program for achieving this, my peak fitness high-intensity interval training program fits the bill. If you’re just beginning, workouts using nothing but your own body weight are an efficient way to get fit. You can even fulfill the requirements for a high intensity exercise using nothing more than your own body weight, a chair, and a wall. From there, you can graduate to HIIT with ease. The point is to just get up and start moving. Even with a sedentary job, you can find ways to implement a HIIT program into your life.

Studies also have found that exercise, specifically HIIT programs, have a profound effect on the aging process of your cells. This is where stopping age-related telomere shortening comes in. You make choices each day affecting the length of your telomeres — which can determine the length of your life — and there are clear associations between the amount of exercise you get and the length of your telomeres.