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Here’s Exactly How Much Joining a Gym Helps Your Health

Is a gym membership worth the price? This important question was posed by Men’s Health and their answer was a resounding yes. Gym members are healthier and their more rigorous exercise programs are largely responsible.

There is one major caveat that the study failed to address. Is a well-designed exercise routine enough? Not necessarily and the reason is that a sedentary lifestyle can be extremely damaging to even physically fit individuals. The average American adult spends about 10 hours or more each day sitting, and research shows you cannot offset 10 hours of being anchored to your chair with one hour of exercise.

Sitting actively promotes dozens of chronic diseases. At the molecular level, your body was designed to be active pretty much all day long and regularly neglecting this requirement will result in health challenges. You ideally require near-continuous movement throughout the day, even if it's just standing rather than sitting. So, strive to sit for less than three hours a day, and make it a point to walk more.

The modern sitting posture is also very bad for your back, neck, wrists and arms, leading to a variety of chronic pains. Pills are not the solution for any of these problems. The real answer is to get up and avoid sitting as much as possible. As a basic guideline, if you've been sitting down for a full hour, you've sat too long.

What is to be done? A stand-up desk is a great option. But even then you should move, not just stand, as lack of movement, not just sitting, is the primary catalyst for metabolic dysfunction. A fitness tracker or smartphone can be used to ensure you're getting the recommended 7,000 to 10,000 steps per day.
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