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Healthy Travel Tips

Whether for business or pleasure, travel poses a number of health challenges. GrindTV addressed some of the dietary challenges that can be posed by life on the road. They concluded that a health-focused approach to travel can enhance your journey.

For too many travelers, the illusory convenience of fast foods beckons like the siren’s song. Don’t let your health founder on these rocky shoals. Studies show that processed junk food will undermine your health almost immediately. One of your primary goals when traveling should be to make wise dietary choices. Being away from home is no excuse to backslide and abandon healthful eating.

Rejuvenating sleep can greatly enhance your travel experience but your first night of sleep in a new bed is usually not restful. Research demonstrates your left brain hemisphere may stay vigilant on your first night away from home to protect you, leaving you feeling fatigued in the morning.

It may not be possible to avoid this biological obstacle but you can reduce the impact by avoiding alcohol, staying hydrated, and bringing your own pillow. It is ideal to sleep in total darkness and in a cool area that is free of electronic devices.

Make sure you are well rested for your journey. Your history of sleep in the days preceding your trip will heavily influence your ability to deal with jet lag and other sleep challenges. Quality sleep before a journey sets the stage for rejuvenating sleep when on the road.

I recommend EFT for those who find travel stressful. It is an empowering practice and can provide a drug-free approach to travel anxiety.
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