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The Surprising Health Benefits of Being in Love

Love is a beautiful thing, but despite that old saying about love “hurts,” the truth is being in love can have some wonderful health benefits. As reported by WHIO News, studies show that being in positive relationships in general, as well as being in love, are as beneficial to survival and longevity as quitting smoking.

It goes without saying that your health is rewarded both physically and mentally from positive relationships. And that positivity goes beyond love of material possessions. In the quest for happiness, many people put their hopes on the attainment of material possessions when what may matter most of all are things that money can't buy, namely good health and strong relationships.

In fact, income inequality explains only 1 percent of the variation in happiness levels within a community while mental health differences explain over 4 percent. Plus, having a partner in life plays a greater role in life satisfaction than education level. If you’re looking for a happier life, it’s good to know that by focusing on positive relationships rather than money, there is a corresponding reduction in depression and anxiety that could reduce misery by 20 percent!

Having a strong social network of good friends is also a key indicator of happiness. Research shows friendship can be a significant factor in successful recuperation from depression, as good mood and a positive outlook can actually spread like a contagion. You can help yourself by promising to focus on happiness in your life, which creates a positive feedback loop, leading to physical and mental benefits that make positive emotions easier to achieve.
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