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Time to End Workplace Cake Culture

It is time to reconsider the workplace tradition of bringing in unhealthy cakes for celebrations. This is the position of the BBC and it is hard to disagree. The peer pressure of the office birthday cake ritual must be viewed as hostile to your health.

The global obesity crisis cannot be blamed on office celebrations but this tradition has still run its course. Dangerous health habits such as smoking were once common in office environments and public spaces. Today, striking up a cigarette in an office or hospital is completely beyond the pale of civilized society and an anathema to all.

The culture of promoting poor nutritional decision making should be treated in much the same manner. The obesity epidemic is a scourge and there is no excuse for championing unhealthy foods in an office environment.

Anyone who thinks that an occasional sugary indulgence does no harm needs to get their facts straight. When you eat a meal high in unhealthy fats and sugar, the sugar causes a large spike in your blood-sugar levels called "post-prandial hyperglycemia." In the long term this can lead to an increased risk of heart attack.

What too many fail to understand is that there are many delicious and healthy dessert options. One outstanding option is this paleo inspired carrot cake protein ball recipe. Another alternative is this delicious almond torte. I recommend visiting my recipes website. It has a host of healthy options that are easy to prepare but hard to resist. It is time to end the ritual of celebratory sweets and take control of your health.