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Unbelievable but True Reasons to Start the Day with Lemon & Water

Some people can’t crawl out of bed without their morning joe, but did you know there is another beverage that might help you start your day even better? As reported by Startsat60 Health, a glass of water with lemon juice will revitalize your body and get you ready for the day. It not only aids in digestion and supports your immune system, but reduces your appetite. It also detoxifies the liver and cleanses your urinary tract.

I’m a huge proponent of making clean, pure water your go-to beverage of choice. Water supports your health in ways you may never suspect. You're probably well aware of the fact that your body is composed mostly of water, which is needed for a number of physiological processes and biochemical reactions, including but not limited to blood circulation, metabolism, regulation of body temperature, waste removal and detoxification.

Whether you drink your water hot or cold, adding lemon to it is helpful in that the aroma of it may ease stress and anxiety, as well as giving you a healthful dose of vitamin C and potassium while helping with digestion. It's probably no surprise that lemons provide a lot of vitamin C, but the amount per serving is pretty impressive at 187 percent of the daily value, making it a super infection fighter.

Lemons are also a good source of thiamin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, iron, and magnesium, and are an excellent source of fiber, vitamin B6, calcium, potassium, and copper, as well as folate and potassium.
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