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Only Six Milk Brands Fit for Consumption in Pakistan

Dairy companies use ultra-high temperature (UHT) and pasteurization to ensure that packaged milk is good and safe to drink, but as reported by Dawn, only six of 16 brands tested in Pakistan were actually fit for consumption.

This is not good news for the processed food industry, which absolutely insists that raw milk is bad for you. That Pakistanis are turning to packaged milk, as opposed to drinking it the way their very recent ancestors did — directly from the cow — is especially distressing. In America, raw milk and cheese have been wrongly demonized as hazardous, primarily by the conventional dairy industry and those who do not understand the health benefits of ‘live’ foods.

Fortunately, as organic foods have risen in popularity, artisanal foods like raw organic cheese and milk are also undergoing a renaissance. More and more, people are recognizing that the industrialization of our food system has dramatically reduced the quality of our food. Not only are foodborne diseases most commonly linked to processed food, but there’s also the issue of toxic exposures from herbicides and pesticides.

The up side is that there are many benefits to raw milk, which has its own built-in "immune system" of sorts. The elevated white blood cell count in raw milk actually helps reduce your risk of contracting food poisoning. Similarly, the microorganisms found in raw milk cheese effectively limit the growth of potentially harmful organisms. When looking for raw milk, remember that it needs to come from pasture-raised cows, and does NOT need to be pasteurized.

Getting your raw milk from a local organic farm is one of the best ways to ensure you're getting high quality milk.
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