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Traffic Exposure May Increase Risk of Dementia

Open expanses far away from the city center appeal to a vast segment of the population. The proliferation of motor vehicles has facilitated this desire and resulted in an ever expanding ring of suburbs. The result has been a population decline in many major cities.
It turns out that this instinct to seek more open spaces may be the correct one. A scathing new study in Medical News Daily linked proximity to heavy vehicle traffic and cognitive disorders. Researches in Canada determined that as many as 1 in 10 cases of dementia may be directly attributable to the noise, stress and air pollution generated by traffic. 

It may not be possible for everyone to avoid the dangers of traffic. Better nutrition may be one way to protect you from the ravages of dementia. Resveratrol has shown a great deal of promise for treating Alzheimer’s patients. Studies have shown that resveratrol improves mitochondria, the tiny, vital engines in nearly all your cells producing more than 90 percent of the energy currents in your body. This helps not only with cognitive issues but obesity related conditions as well. 

Resveratrol is most concentrated in the skin of grapes, and the thick-skinned muscadine grape is one of the best sources. However, grapes are high in sugar (fructose) and should only be eaten in moderation. This makes it difficult to obtain therapeutic quantities of resveratrol.

My recommendation for fructose consumption is an average of around 25 grams per day or less, including from whole fruits. However, if you have a problem with insulin resistance, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease or cancer, your fructose intake should be cut down to a maximum of 15 grams.
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